Why Your Business Should Join the UKAWP

UKAWP Promise

If you’ve landed here, you’ve probably already heard of the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners membership and want to understand more about what we do and how we can help and support your business as you grow.

Launched in 2004 to provide a much-needed standard of excellence in an unregulated industry, the UKAWP trains and educates both new and established wedding planners while offering the support of a friendly community.

You are incredible at what you do, you run an integrity-led business and want to be recognised as an honest and passionate wedding industry professional by the leading wedding industry body in the UK. This is how becoming a member of the UKAWP can help you:

Join the UKAWP


The one benefit our members talk about time and time again when asked about the UKAWP membership is the power of our community. Being part of our family gives you the opportunity to make connections with other planners and industry professionals both virtually and in person.

This network in turn leads to valuable referrals and collaborations, giving you the chance to win new clients, work with and learn from others as well as create inspirational shoots and projects that expand your portfolio and help you to promote your work to your ideal clients.

Our virtual community on Facebook is available 24/7 to give you the support you need as your business grows, whether you need help with a client question, support making a difficult decision, or someone to celebrate your latest win there’s always someone waiting to help. Our founder, Bernadette, also runs regular coffee mornings which act as mini masterminds where you can build real life relationships and gain invaluable knowledge.


The UKAWP is synonymous with our training courses, The Business of Planning Weddings and Wedding Planning Step by Step, which we have run regularly for the past 17 years. Frequently updated with the latest information (Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest didn’t even exist when we wrote the first course material!) our courses are the starting point for many planners. Since our launch we have trained over 850 planners to the highest standard.

More recently we have also introduced our Online Training Portal, where you can access courses dedicated to marquee wedding planning, marketing, wedding design and Instagram, enabling you to educate yourself in specific areas at your own pace.

On our dedicated members Facebook page Bernadette hosts regular lives, Q&A’s and expert training sessions answering specific questions from the group, giving you constant access to the latest advice and expertise.

For more established businesses, those looking for tailored support and advice, or quick results Bernadette also offers intensive 121 training sessions either virtually or in person through her consultancy business.


As an industry spokesperson, Bernadette is regularly invited to share her opinions in national newspapers, TV and online publications, always using the opportunity to showcase UKAWP members and offer an industry-focussed view on current affairs. Not to mention our beautiful directory with images of your work, testimonials and links back to your website and social media.

The UKAWP also invests in PR and marketing to raise the profile of members, educating couples on the role of planners and promoting professionalism within the industry.

Being part of the UKAWP family is more than just building your network and belonging to a community, its showing your business is approved by the leading UK wedding industry body by demonstrating your credibility is proven to add value to your business. Post pandemic this will be even more vital to your business as couples navigate which businesses they can trust.

Doors to the UKAWP membership will open again on the 7th October for a short time only. To gain your badge of excellence, join the waitlist here and join our family of leading wedding businesses. To book a call with Bernadette to learn more go here


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