Why You’re Being Ghosted and How To Prevent It


You’ve just hit it off with a client in your Instagram DM’s and are excitedly waiting for them to email over further details. You keep checking your inbox, but days later it’s still crickets. You’ve sent a casual a follow up message and, after checking your junk mail for the zillionth time, contemplate whether sending another will make you sound desperate.

Sound familiar?

It’s not just in the online dating world that ghosting happens, it’s occurring more and more in business too. And just like dating, it’s hard not to feel insecure, rejected and wondering what you’ve done wrong.

Here are some of the reasons you are getting ignored and how to prevent being ghosted by your clients;

They’re busy or simply forgot

Sometimes people are genuinely busy or simply forget to reply – we all know how easy it is for messages to get buried in your inbox! In the first instance, a gentle reminder should prompt the response you need to move forward.

Talk through the next steps

Even after the best conversation, sometimes clients walk away confused about what happens next. Rather than leave a conversation with an open ended ‘let’s stay in touch’, give them a concrete process to follow.

Walking your client through the steps they need to take (booking a consultation call, filling in an enquiry form, reading through a contract or confirming a date) is a simple way to help them know what to expect and feel comfortable about moving to the next stage sales process rather than feeling like they’re on an out of control sales rollercoaster.

They’re not ready to make a decision

Perhaps your conversation has thrown up more questions and your client needs to go away and find out more before they commit. You may have suggested a new way of working or a different solution to the one they were expecting.  Offering to answer any questions, in their own time, may be enough to get the conversation started again.

They need time to build trust

It’s one thing being knowledgeable, it’s another being trustworthy. If a potential client is new to your world then it’s likely they need a little more time to get to know you before working together by stalking your insta and keeping tabs on your stories. Give them some time before offering to set up an informal zoom call or face-to-face meeting so they can get to know you better.

They’re feeling overwhelmed

We’re all well aware it’s a noisy world out there, especially when it comes to buying and selling online and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the multitude of differing opinions, advice and ideas on offer. The best you can do here is offer understanding, and take the heat out of making a decision, instead focussing on answering any questions or concerns rather than pushing for the sale.

Be prepared to walk away

Think it’s hard to hear that a client doesn’t want to work with you? It’s even harder for them! Some clients would rather ignore you than feel guilty for telling you they’ve purchased elsewhere or had to rethink their budget or needs. Saying no in a thoughtful way takes time, so it’s often a task your clients will put off indefinitely.

Using a negative close such as ‘maybe now isn’t the right time’ or ‘perhaps we’re not the right fit’ makes it easier for your client to say no and you to move on to the next prospect.

At the end of the day, you may never get a response (positive or negative) from some clients, and that’s no reflection on you personally or professionally, but using my tips will give you the best opportunity to make a sale or at least find out why you weren’t successful so you can evolve and improve next time.

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