Wonder product for the pampered planner – Elemis Musclease Active Body

The wedding season certainly takes its toll on a good planner but Buckinghamshire-based planner Isabel Smith of  Isabel Smith Wedding Design might have just the solution to soothe those aching limbs.  Over to you Isabel …

On a recent trip to Champneys with my sister, it was pointed out to me by one of the therapists that I carry a lot of tension…erm…yes; I am self employed and work in an industry dominated by emotion!

 She recommended that I purchase Elemis Musclese Active Body and hyperbole aside, it is FANTASTIC.  It carries an active ingredient that penetrates the blood stream and breaks down lactic acid meaning that your muscles can recover from any tension or exhaustion much quicker.  It works overnight and doesn’t need to be massaged in (so at two thirty in the morning after a 17 hour wedding day, you can just throw it on and dive into bed).


At £30, it is quite expensive, but since it only takes an amount the size of a 50p to do your whole neck and shoulder area, it should last a good long time, and when I bought it, it came with a free bottle of their Aching Muscle Super Soak (also great if you have the energy for a bath before applying the oil).

The range is designed for sporting use (picture me struggling to contain my snort of laughter when she recommended I use it after my cardio work outs too) which is why I’ve never come across it before but I really believe it makes all the difference to my legs and shoulders after W-day. 

 DISCLAIMER – do read the label though as it is strong stuff and definitely not suitable for pregnant planners!


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