WPE 09 Overview II


Saturday 28th February
The day started early with coffee available from 8:30, whilst the directors got the rooms ready, most planners were having a wonderful full breakfast, much needed after the night before.

After a quick directors welcome at 9am we handed over to Ranj from Tania-Tapel Ltd who in fact had been an attendee on Friday as well. She talked through the different cultures and religions in Asian weddings. I think it highlighted what a minefield Asian weddings are and not to be taken on without proper research.

At 9:45 Brian from BDJC gave 2 presentations on venue dressing and health & safety. His presentation was very honest and down to earth with lots of inspiring pictures. There was so much to say that actually the hour wasn’t enough so his presentation has been posted to attendees so they haven’t lost out on anything he said.

After a quick coffee break Zoë Lingard from Weddings by Zoë Lingard gave a very interesting & interactive talk on blogging. This is still such a new phenomenon in the UK and baffles most of us, however Zoe was able to not only explain but could demonstrate how blogging works. She gave many useful tips and as such the planners were firing questions at her. Not surprising her powerpoint presentation design was beautiful as well!

We then handed over to Charlotte from Chartula who had a horrendous journey from London but we were so thankful to have her with us. She talked about the printing processes available in order that we might explain to our clients more easily. She gave us pointers on what to include in our emergency kits and finally we were able to make the invitations available from her Create range. Think she was surprised at how many of us seemed incapable of tying a simple bow neatly, oh well better practice.

The seminar ended with lunch where planners said their goodbyes before heading home.

Thank you to everyone who attended whether as a planner or speaker.

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  1. Simone Butterfield on 14th March 2009 at 7:46 pm

    Just a quick note of thanks from me. Another fantastic event full of loads of info and inspiration!

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