WPE 2015 – supplier gratitude

Since our fabulous Wedding Planning Excellence Seminar a few weeks back, we have been gradually thanking our speakers and will continue so to do.

We wanted, however, to start thanking Millbridge Court, our superb hosts, and some of our other suppliers.

hannah duffy-201Here’s what one of our members, Elisabetta of Linen and Silk, had to say about our venue, our incredible florist Jay Archer Floral Design¬†and of course the creative talent behind all the images we’ve been showing you, Hannah Duffy Photography.

Millbridge Court:

What a fantastic setting for WPE! I’d heard such lovely feedback about this venue that I sat foot at Millbridge Court with really high expectations – but I was not disappointed! The venue is cosy, warm, inviting and offered us a fantastic space, both for the educational part and for relaxing with our colleagues over lunch and dinner. Ending day 1 chatting with fellow planners on the sofas by the fire was also rather special. The service we’ve received from Millbridge has also been fantastic – what a great partner for WPE!

hannah duffy-206hannah duffy-218
Hannah Duffy:
Three things about Hannah that I absolutely loved: 1. She’s discreet. Hannah’s managed to capture so much over the two days and has done it in such a discreet way, she is my vision of the perfect photographer. 2. Fantastic pictures: seriously beautiful! I kept looking at the shots and all the fun moments she’s managed to capture, and I just wanted to be back at WPE around that beautiful bunch of colleagues! 3. Hannah is such a joy to be around. She is really friendly, calm and kind – two beautiful qualities to have when you are working at emotionally charged events like a wedding. A huge thank you, Hannah, for your beautiful work.
hannah duffy-225
Jay Archer:
When you go to an educational event organised by wedding planners, you expect attention to details; but suppliers like Jay have the ability to take attention to details to another level turn it into magic. Jay’s floral arrangements were truly stunning, and even that would be an understatement. Being surrounded by so much beauty made the whole two days even more pleasant – except… it took us ages to sit down at lunch or dinner, because we just couldn’t stop taking pics of the set up!
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