WPE Speaker Focus: David Wise

Today I am very pleased to introduce you to David Wise of WISE Productions who will be presenting at WPE 11 in March. We love to find out a bit more about our speakers and share this with delegates…


What’s your signature dish (personality or food)?


Kids: Dad’s pasta sauce (tomatoes, chorizo)

Taller kids: cassoulet


Do you have a favourite restaurant?


Normally the one I am in right now (it’s the company I’m with that makes my day). The best dining experience I have ever had was at Catalina, Rose Bay Sydney.


How would your clients describe you?


Safe pair of hands, helpful


Have you ever had a challenging client and how did you deal with it?


On reflection my favourite clients are the professionally challenging – the ones who want the bar raised, new creative ideas, better value for the Bride and Groom.


What has been your most memorable wedding that you have worked on?


Three will always have a place:-


Marquee in Suffolk – amazing love and happiness

The Orangery – the sense of fun and warmth, everyone smiled ALL THE TIME

Marquee in Sussex – many years ago, the first time I felt that lighting makes an amazing difference.


What’s your biggest achievement since launching?


Weathering three recessions without making redundancies.


What is your vice?


The West Wing


Describe yourself in 5 words


Tall, loyal, short attention span


What are you reading?


Julian Barnes

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