WPE Speaker Focus: Jules Cardozo-Marsh

Today I am delighted to introduce you to Jules Cardoza-Marsh an amazing freelance make up artist who will be passing on her knowledge at WPE on how to look the part of a professional wedding planners, but also top tips for bridal makeup emergencies.


Describe your company in 100 words or less!

I like to think I am one of the most highly regarded make up artists in the UK; I have done a lot of work for fashion shows and events as well as glossy magazines and glittering award ceremonies. I have also worked with many famous faces over the years.

My work as a freelance makeup artist takes me all over the UK.

What’s your USP? –

If you set out your marketing strategy properly you will create the ‘buzz’ that will set you apart from your competitors.

What do you hope planners will learn on the day from your talk?

I hope they learn that you don’t have to be a make-up artist to look fabulous, a few well chosen and well applied products can work wonders………..

How would your clients describe you?

I have been told on many an occasion that I bring a calming influence to any situation and I am not easily fazed, great for my business when things can go wrong……….. 

Have you ever had a challenging client and how did you deal with it?

The majority of my clients have been absolutely amazing but a controlling bride is always one to watch……….. you have to remain professional at all times………..

What is your vice?

I can’t pass a make-up store without wanting to buy something, hence my vast collection of make-up.

What’s the best piece of business advice someone gave you?

If you don’t have a written business plan it’s only a wish list. My Husband’s word’s of wisdom……

Describe yourself in 3 words

Loyal, honest, resourceful 

Name one blog you follow religiously

Gosh! only one……..impossible………

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