WPE Speaker Focus: Melanie Kiani

Following on in our series of introductions to WPE 11 speakers, I am very pleased to introduce one of our UKAWP members, Melanie Kiani of Bellissimo Events, who will be drawing on her previous career to present the legal issues surrounding weddings……….


What’s your USP?

Giving my clients the highest possible level of service and attention to detail in everything that I do with an experienced legal brain thrown in to ensure all the legal considerations of any wedding or event is covered.

What’s your signature dish?

I am a big foodie so I have lots of dishes I love cooking for friends and family – whatever I do I just love having the house full of people enjoying themselves and eating my homemade food and drinking plenty of good wine. Savoury is definitely my thing but I do also made a mean chocolate brownie.

Do you have a favourite restaurant?

Depends on what food I am in the mood for but a nice meal out with my husband or friends has to be The Guildhall Tavern, Poole Quay – wonderful fish with an ice cold bottle of Muscadet and they always look after you and remember what you like.

How would your clients describe you?

I am honoured to say that my clients say that I am one of the my organized and efficient people they have ever met and really enjoy having me on board and working with me which is hugely satisfying.  Having had a 12 year career in the law leading up to starting my business which is now in its third year certainly helped develop those skills. I am a “details” person so I am always looking for the detail in everything.  That’s very important to me and I like to think that my clients notice that and like that about me.

Have you ever had a challenging client and how did you deal with it?

All clients are challenging in their own way as each wedding or event you plan and each couple you deal with is completely different and may require different skills. I find that good communication with my clients from the outset to establish what they can expect from me and what I can do for them is a great way to get the relationship off on the right food.  There will always be challenges along the way but I thrive on dealing with those and turning around any difficult situations.  Good people skills is essential for this job.

What’s your biggest achievement since launching?

You have to look back quite often to see where you were in the beginning and where you are now to remind yourself of the achievements in launching a business from nothing – during hard economic times which some people would say is crazy!  Going into profit in year three is an achievement and I was pleased to be asked to present the last series of Three Grand Weddings due to be shown on Wedding TV during 2011. However, most of all I feel a huge sense of achievement with the weddings and events that we have helped to plan and co-ordinate and the lovely comments we get as feedback afterwards and knowing that our clients have had the day they wanted and your involvement has made a big difference.  Seeing the photographs or videos and receiving those thank yous afterwards is very satisfying and at a lot of weddings since launching we have had special “thank yous” and mentions during wedding speeches which is a real honour to be included at such an important part of the proceedings.

What is your vice? 

Wine, cheese and bread – all the things I shouldn’t have!  Plus anything for the kitchen and shoes!

Describe yourself in 3 words

Organised, hard-working and efficient

Name one blog you follow religiously

Ok hands up – I have lots of great blogs on my reader account but I am not great at religiously following them!  I try to concentrate more on keeping my own up to date and spending time on my Twitter and Facebook pages and when I get a free hour or so I have a hunt to see whats new and whats around.  I do prefer bridal magazines to keep in touch – old fashioned kind of girl in some ways!

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