WPE Speaker Focus: Top Left Design

Here at the UKAWP we love Keren who owns Top Left Design. not only is she incredibly talented and creative she is truly a wonderful person who is eager to pass on her knowledge. She has presented at WPE before so we are delighted to have her back!


Describe your company in 100 words or less!

Were a friendly team of talented designers and coders, with 9 staff total, based in Soho London, creating online, and helping small businesses improve their presence online.

What’s your USP?

At Top Left Design we specialise in designing personality into websites, so it feels more like a face to face experience. We want our clients to embrace what’s unique about their businesses and encourage them to bring out the “human aspect”. Some people find this hard but it works so much better if you can see and learn about the people in the business, their stories, case studies. We encourage and train clients on unique copywriting and images, blogs, and active social media interaction.

What do you hope planners will learn on the day from your talk?

How to ensure they have a unique website presence which shows off what’s great about them as planners, and gives visitors a really great understanding of why they should choose them.

How would your clients describe you?

Creative, reliable, professional and patient Рwith an understated yet precise and personable professionalism that sets me ahead of my peers.  (These are actual quotes from a couple of my LinkedIn  testimonials!)

Have you ever had a challenging client and how did you deal with it?

No, I have never had a challenging client. Haha just kidding!

I try and be humble at all times, and see things from their point of view. If things go wrong, I think – how could I do better next time? And then I do! I have learned so much from working with clients over the years. I want to make sure every one is happy, and tend to take things to heart, but I know often people are really just stressed and take it out on others, and the best way to deal with this is calmly. I always keep filed all written correspondence, filing all emails in corresponding client folders, and following up conversations with a written record of who said what – this really helps to ensure good communications.

What is your vice? 

I like cake, chocolate, cookies, ice cream and pizza. But at the moment I have been really good as I am on the Ultimate Yogi 108 day yoga programme (see and it’s amazing.

What’s the best piece of business advice someone gave you?

That really no one really knows anything. I was told that 18 years ago but some one I knew and it stuck with me. What he meant was that everyone is just trying to do their best – and even people who are celebrities or big shots in the business world have worries and want to make a good impression – just like you!

Describe yourself in 3 words

Friendly, Caring, Business-obsessed

Name one blog you follow religiously

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