Year of the Wedding Jumpsuits

We are delighted to bring you an article written by UKAWP member Black Pearl Weddings.

2014 has arrived with a cornucopia of trends and styles to really shape a wedding into an entirely new showcase of chic and glamour.

Currently, one of the most sought after trends to transcend the bridal fashion stage is the bridal jumpsuit. Having left a huge impression around the world in red carpet events, high society functions, and fashion shows, jumpsuits were favoured so heavily by a number of formidable fashion icons, that the inevitable development in this style movement was to develop bridal ranges.

jumpsuits-2For the non-traditionalists wanting to make a bold statement, this may just be the ideal deviation from the traditional gown, retaining femininity and the image associated to marriage.

Those who treasure the tradition of the gown may adore this as an alternative outfit for the reception, or rehearsals, as it still embodies the style you have endeavoured to create, while proving more functional than a gown after the ceremony.

Wedding jumpsuits have been embraced by many designers the world over, and Black Pearl Weddings for one, cannot wait to see how they evolve.

Here are a few hand-picked selections we feel do justice to the jumpsuit.

jumpsuit blog

From left to right clock wise Kinsley JamesDream-ers,  Victoria Kyriakides, and Temperley London 


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  1. Claire - English Wedding Blog on 13th February 2014 at 4:04 pm

    Please, no…

    They’re “different”! And while I’m sure we’ll see a few brides rocking a jumpsuit, I hope to god they don’t catch on! Hee 😉

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