Your Life Script Needs Changing!

Those of you who have been subscribers to our blog for some time will be familiar with Ray Hutchin of Cloud 9 – our highly inspirational business coach. Today Ray talks about what he describes as our ‘Life Script’. Read on…..

Following presenting at WPE’11 last month I thought I’d follow up one of the presentations that I did with a reminder and a bit more detail on the Life Script that I spoke about. As I am sure you will notice we have made some improvements to our model.


So what actually makes us make the decisions that we do, there is a theory that we all have a life script that has been formulated over the years. Everything that we hear, learn etc from our parents, teachers, peers and friends all have a big impact on us and more so in our earlier years. This forms our beliefs and values and helps decide the decisions we make, so to make changes and get different results we need to make changes and break away from our life script.


So therefore there is a pattern to what we do, we are pre-programmed, if you like, so we tend to continue to do the same things as we always have done and to also stay in our comfort zone. If we want to get different results we therefore need to do things differently, change our habits and get out of our comfort zone.


So as coaches, we belief there are certain things that a success person will do and work on to break away from their current life script and do things differently. So here they are:-


Life Script (areas to work on)


L  Love what you do or Love why you are doing it

I   Increase your Knowledge & Understanding

F  Focus on your Goals and Your Team

E  E=MC²  – Energy (motivation) = Mindset * Confidence²


S   Self Discipline to do the required Activity

C   Communication Skills

R   Review – every week, month and quarter

I    Inspire others with Great Leadership

P   Plan & Perseverance

T   Take Ownership, Responsibility & be Accountable


We think this is self explanatory, as if these areas are worked on (and to be honest most people do not work on improving these areas) then you will add new skill and an improved mindset and change your life script and do things in a better way.


If you have any questions or are not sure about any part of it, please drop us an email and we will be happy to explain in more detail. Just to let you know our first book, based in the LIFE SCRIPT, is well underway and will be out later this year.



As I mentioned at WPE’11 our website has now been launched please take a look and let us know what you think


All current workshops and dates are on the website and our new Mastermind Group dates and details will be added very soon. Remember to ask for your UKAWP discount of £50 on any of our workshops.


Until next time here’s to more success and continued work on your life script!

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