Exhaustion in the Wedding Industry

How are you feeling right now? From speaking with members, clients and peers in the wedding industry I know so many of you are tired right now. The level of exhaustion being felt by the wedding industry is immense, not a day goes by without someone reaching out to me. But what about you? Now…

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How do the UKAWP support, educate and promote members?

The UKAWP was launched in 2004 with the purpose of training new planners and promoting them. Over the years this has evolved to a promise to each and every member. We understand our role is to empower our members so they can thrive, both when a member and if they ever leave. In 2020 the…

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Why join the UKAWP, is it worth it?

If you have been considering joining the UKAWP I imagine you are debating the benefits. Should you join or register on a wedding directory instead? What about the many other wedding memberships, could one of them be a better fit for you? It can be hard knowing where to spend our money, and more importantly…

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Who owns the UKAWP?

Personal connection is so important in the wedding industry, building the like + know + trust in our clients is essential. And that is certainly true for the UKAWP, our history is available for all to see. Did you know that our owner launched the UKAWP in 2004? 18 years of supporting and nurturing wedding…

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Can I join the UKAWP as a new wedding planner?


Are you a new wedding planner who desperately needs some support in their business? You may have heard of the UKAWP but assume its for experienced planners only? But the truth is we have different levels of membership according to the skill level of the member. When we launched the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners…

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Wedding Planners Business Bundle

Stuck on knowing what questions to ask in your client consultation? Unsure how to create your wedding planning proposal? Know you need to blog but no idea what to blog about? Have you recently started your wedding planning business but feel confused about what documentation is needed? Wouldn’t it be lovely if  you had all…

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Coping with a busy 2022 wedding season

wedding planner course

When in the midst of a busy summer season the pressure can really begin to mount as clients demand more of your time in the lead up to their wedding day. As well as pressing client work there’s the constant admin and planning that goes hand in hand with running your own business, and burnout…

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How often do you follow up on potential leads?

wedding industry coaching

Does this sound familiar? You had a brilliant meeting or call with a potential client, you send off your quotation but then silence. What do you do next? How often do you reach out to them? I think there is a tendency to not “bother” people. Reaching out to people one time is not enough…

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6 Reasons Why Your Clients Aren’t Booking You

You’ve been running your wedding business for a couple of years now and, COVID aside, things have been going ok. You’ve booked a few clients but have plenty of dates left in your calendar, and then you hear on the grapevine that your competitors are so busy they’ve had to turn weddings down leaving you…

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Creating & Managing Growth in Your Wedding Business

Bernadette Chapman

You’ve been running your wedding business for a few years and have achieved some success, now what? It’s time to figure out what the next part of your journey looks like and start creating and managing growth in your wedding business – whatever that means for you. In my 20+ years in business I have…

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