Who are the Elite Members of the UKAWP?

Doors are currently open to membership (November 2022) and I have received queries about our  “Elite Membership“. So without further ado let me explain a little more. I launched this category in 2019 after doing a little restructuring around membership tiers. I wanted to showcase those who are truly successful, not simply perceived to be successful.…

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Why join the UKAWP, is it worth it?

If you have been considering joining the UKAWP I imagine you are debating the benefits. Should you join or register on a wedding directory instead? What about the many other wedding memberships, could one of them be a better fit for you? It can be hard knowing where to spend our money, and more importantly…

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Can I join the UKAWP as a new wedding planner?


Are you a new wedding planner who desperately needs some support in their business? You may have heard of the UKAWP but assume its for experienced planners only? But the truth is we have different levels of membership according to the skill level of the member. When we launched the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners…

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Community Over Competition – What it Really Means

Community over competition

You’ve probably already heard about the ‘community over competition’ movement, it’s all over social media and even has its own hashtag. Search #communityovercompetition on Instagram and you’ll find nearly 5 million posts from accounts offering guidance, support, and friendship to their followers. But what does it mean? And can community over competition actually help you…

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The Benefits of Membership for UK Supplier Members


Directory Listing As a supplier member, you’ll have your business listed on our online directory – viewable by couples, planners and other suppliers. Most members consider their listing to be one of the key benefits to joining us – finding it a good source of visibility on a well-respected and trusted website. We work hard…

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