Community Over Competition – What it Really Means

Community over competition

You’ve probably already heard about the ‘community over competition’ movement, it’s all over social media and even has its own hashtag. Search #communityovercompetition on Instagram and you’ll find nearly 5 million posts from accounts offering guidance, support, and friendship to their followers. But what does it mean? And can community over competition actually help you…

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Why trust the UKAWP?

In a world where anyone can launch a website that looks beautiful, how can you truly trust someone to deliver on their promises? How can you ensure you are not getting “ripped” off by someone that has launched a membership? As generation x I always believe in asking the questions. I never take a website…

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Courses

There are some questions we get asked again and again, especially regarding our courses so for your ease we have answered them below. I have no experience in events; will this course be suitable for me? Yes definitely, our courses covers all the basics you need to launch your career as a wedding planner, previous…

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