UKAWP Group Coaching Programme

Build And Boost Your Wedding Business

I fully believe that by working together we can achieve amazing things. Having a community of likeminded wedding entrepreneurs can be incredibly supportive. I invite you to join in our next group coaching programme starting 2nd October. Through our 5 months together I will take you from a place of uncertainty to a more confident, strategic business owner. We will work together to build on existing foundations and boost your knowledge to get even greater success in 2019.

What Is It I Do?

I work with business owners in the wedding industry to create the life they know they deserve. My mission since launching the UKAWP has been to empower others and give them the skills to succeed in business. My coaching is always succinct, clear and HONEST and that makes a massive difference to the way you learn. In essence I’m a mentor, trainer and coach giving me a unique mix of skills to work with you.

UKAWP Owner Bernadette Chapman

Why Do I Offer Group Coaching?

My absolute passion is training and coaching wedding businesses, I love seeing their growth as successful entrepreneurs. My success rate is high, and my reviews glowing but there is only one of me. I love 121 coaching but I am limited as to how many clients I can accept in a year. My group coaching opens up more opportunities for me to work with even more wedding businesses.

Who Is It Aimed At?

My coaching is aimed at small wedding businesses particularly solopreneurs who don’t have that large team behind them . You might be going through a growth period and perhaps a bit stuck on what to do next. My role is to help you convert your passion into a profitable and successful wedding business.

Why Group Coaching Might Be Right For You?

You love what you do but are not making the money you need or deserve
You’re not attracting the type of client you desire
Clients come to you but choose your lower end products or services
You never have time to market your business
Everyone else seems to be busier than you
You’re keen to grow and expand your business
You’ve done every free opt in training but still you’re feeling stuck
You feel time pressured and unproductive
You’re keen to have the support of a group


If this is you and you’re serious about taking your business to new heights, this is the programme for you. And if you ooze honesty and integrity, well I know we’ll get on just perfectly.


If you are not keen to share and grow in a group, or you have very specific requirements our 121 mentoring will be more suitable. Contact me to check my availability:

Group Coaching

"Well boy has my business changed since I first started Build and Boost group coaching. I’ve re-designed my website and re-branded. I always found charging a difficult task, but I’ve learned from Bernadette to be confident that I’m worth my fees and that has changed my mindset with my clients, and is much more financially rewarding for my business. I have never been in such a good position in the market place and has a huge positive impact on my personal life too. Having just finished 4 weddings in 9 days I’m now in a position to turn work away."



So here is what you will get in the 5 months

  • Membership of a private ‘Build and Boost’ Facebook group
  • Minimum of 11 exclusive LIVE coaching within the group
  • Guest speakers (PR, Pinterest, SEO)
  • Online portal with workbooks and bonus videos
  • 3 x zoom calls where you have the opportunity to take the hot seat
  • 25% Discount on my Mastermind day in December

"Since completing the Build and Boost group coaching I have booked my first two clients! I have been a lot less scattergun in my approach to working and know the steps I need to take to move my business forward.


My general mindset and overall knowledge has improved and I feel a lot more confident in myself and my business"


Wedding Group Coaching

Fortnightly Modules

Identifying who your clients are:
We talk through why its important to know who your client is and how to ensure your marketing is tailored to them

Creating a marketing strategy:
We’ll talk about different ways to market yourself and why repurposing content is an efficient way to work

Creating a PR Strategy:
What PR will work for your business and how can you create a strategy that works. A guest presenter will be guiding you through the ins and outs of PR

Introvert or extrovert:
You need to be more visible and sociable online and off. Telling your story is vital in todays competitive world so we’ll cover ways you can do this

Time management:
Become more efficient with your time by prioritising your work and time blocking. Our workbook will highlight areas you might need to improve, where systems need to be put in place or if the time is right to grow your team

Website Health Check:
We will start by covering what your website should include and common mistakes business make. Using google analytics we’ll check your SEO and also cover the power of your copy.

Financial planning:
Keeping an eye on your profit and loss and tracking your income every month. We’ll cover how to manage your accounts so you’re never scrambling to pay your tax

Can you sell?:
How do you currently handle customers from enquiry stage through to securing the booking?

Profitability exercise:
How you can work out your profitability for your services or products. We have a spreadsheet I will be giving you with formulas to show you how to price for profit

Could Pinterest boost your sales? We are bringing an expert in to show you how this can make an impact on your business

Positivity makes a massive difference to your success. How to ensure you recognise your own strengths and play to them, rather than feel jealous of what others appear to be achieving.

Why Coach With Me?


I have been a wedding planner since 2002 and in that time have organised hundreds of weddings. I consistently get booked by my ideal client who pay my worth and I never negotiate. I have also trained in excess of 600 wedding planners, many of whom are the leading planners in the UK.

As well as owning the UKAWP I am a mum with 3 children. I’ve learnt how to successfully build not one but two businesses, alongside raising a family. I’ve been a multi business owner for 14 years and believe in following your intuition and not the crowd.

I empower others to learn how to not only adapt when business changes but instead thrive. I’m kind but fair and use integrity with all that I do.


UKAWP Members: one payment of £997 or 3 x £332.33
Non Members: one payment of £1,096 or 3 x £365

Please note all prices are plus VAT at 20%

VIP Upgrade: Includes an additional 3 x 1:1 calls with me for laser coaching

UKAWP Members: one payment of £1,522 or 3 x £507.33
Non Members: one payment of £1,621 or 4 x £540.33

Please note all prices are plus VAT at 20%

*** Build and Boost is now CLOSED and will be back Spring 2019 ***